About Me

Dr. Banerjee is a practicing Family Medicine Physician and an Electronic Engineer, actively involved in developing medical informatics, medical electronics, and space technology.

This website provides commonly-used medical resources in Family Medicine for physicians and patients, and a quasi-cv.

Medical affiliations:

  1. Shomir Banerjee MD
  2. Fountain Hospice
  3. Knowledge Health
  4. Paloma Health
  5. Brightside Health
  6. Cerebral
  7. Hims

Engineering projects:

  1. Health information hub: A web-based, patient-centered, electronic medical record system. Current scope of use includes note writing, fax communication, and billing to Medicare. Future development will include integration with labs, pharmacies, integrated communications, and expanded billing. Programmed using php interface for mysql database in partially normalized structure, html and javascript dynamic data presentation and AJAX communication with php database scripts. Also includes a communications platform, integrating voice, fax, secure sms, and internal messages. I use this for facilitating communication with nursing and pharmacy at Skilled Nursing Facilities. Programmed using php, with API com to Twilio and Faxage. HealthHub
  2. Resistojet: Novel resistojet OMS for pocket-cube satellite community, fits niche between ion thrusters and combustion thrusters. Alpha Centauri Technologies LLC
  3. Holter monitor: Cellular enabled stand-alone stick-on ekg, as well as other biometric monitoring. For loved ones at risk, who can't afford more expensive products, and for neurotic persons - you know who you are. ;-) Still a prototype.
  4. MoleTracker: Smart-phone app for tracking progress of troublesome nevi or other skin lesions. More of an idea than an actual project.
  5. Yellow Baby: One-stop shop web-app for managing hyperbilirubinemia in the neonate. Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia web-app needs an update, and android app is in limbo, but the initial app works.
  6. Medical Informatics Engineering Consulting