About Me

Dr. Banerjee is a practicing Family Medicine Physician, Electronic Engineer, father and husband. He is actively involved in developing medical informatics, medical electronics, and space technology.

This website provides commonly-used medical resources in Family Medicine for physicians and patients.


  1. Family Medicine Practice: My primary occupation. Click here for my practice website.
  2. TruthAnswer: A new model for delivery of medical care. Utilizing a web-based, patient-centered, electronic medical record system, a blend of in-person and telemedicine care can be delivered, increasing access to care and increasing physician autonomy, while also improving quality of care, through the use of AI automation of administrative work, communication with patients, and communication with other providers of care. Said another way, a return to to the original care model of Patient-Doctor-Nurse. Complete unification of communication methods including phone, SMS/MMS, fax, email, DM, and EDI. Integration with labs, pharmacies, and billing services. TruthAnswer
  3. Yellow Baby: One-stop shop web-app for managing hyperbilirubinemia in the neonate. Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia web-app needs an update, and android app is in limbo, but the initial app works.
  4. Resistojet: Novel resistojet OMS for pocket-cube satellite community, fits niche between ion thrusters and combustion thrusters. Alpha Centauri Technologies LLC
  5. Bio-monitor: Cellular-enabled, stand-alone wearable 2-lead ekg, O2, respiration rate, infrascope, and blood pressure continuous monitoring.
  6. MoleTracker: Smart-phone app for tracking progress of troublesome nevi or other skin lesions.
  7. Consulting: Medical informatics app development (full-stack/LAMP-stack), and for medical device companies.
  8. Sci-Fi: I like to dabble in applied condensate physics. Ad astra.